Add some personalized style to the monument by including a photograph or scenic artwork to a black stone. 

Black Monuments are in high demand due to the personalized etching available.

Etching is a process where the design is very detailed and an expressive way to honor your loved one; with photos, emblems or tributes to their hobbies and interests. 

Black Granite is solid granite and will not fade.

Custom portraits available to those who wish to bring in a photo of their loved one.

Several options available for you to choose from in how you wish to personalize this lasting tribute to your loved one.

Tips for submitting photos

Always choose the best photo possible. Sending originals is always better than sending copies, such as memorial booklets, color photocopies, inkjet printouts or similar reproductions. For your customer's satisfaction,watch for the common problems listed below:

1. MARKS ON THE PHOTO -writing on the back of the photo, paperclips, staples and scotch tape can leave a mark and result in a poorer quality or require extensive graphic work to correct it at extra cost.

2. DO NOT cut, alter or draw on pictures to show us how the family wants it to be. Photocopy the picture(s) and then crop, draw or otherwise indicate how the family wants it. Please make sure the ink on the completed order form does not touch the pictures - it may leave marks on the pictures.  

3. UNDERSIZE PHOTOS - for better quality porcelains it is always better to downsize the figure or face of the deceased in the picture than to take a smaller figure or face and blow it up to much larger proportions. If the head of the person in the picture is to be enlarged 2, 3 or 4 times the size, you will not get a quality portrait, as the original usually is not as good as it looks to the naked eye in the smaller size. The quality will be even worse if the original picture is of poor quality. Of course the quality and resolution of the original picture itself always comes into play for better quality memorial portraits.

4. TEXTURED PHOTOS - grainy photos or photos printed on texturized paper will have the imperfections show on the porcelain portrait. Photos that have been scanned and JPEGged (compressed) at low quality will have "blocky" artifacts that may need graphic work at extra cost.