Frequently Asked Questions


Will the cemetery accept a headstone purchased from you?
Yes, as long as the headstone meets their requirements, they are legally bound to accept the memorial. Please call your cemetery and make sure your design and size meets their requirements.   We do, however, have the cemetery approve the marker you are purchasing to guarantee that the marker meets the cemetery's approval and acceptance for size and granite color.

Who installs the grave headstone at the cemetery? 
In most cases, the cemetery will offer the installation service for a fee.

Will the cemetery charge an installation fee? 
Simply call your cemetery and tell them what size memorial you are choosing.   They, in turn, will  let you know their installation prices.   The national average for installation is .40 cents per square inch of the total surface area of your marker's granite base, i.e., 28x16=448sq. inches x .40cents = $179.20

Do your bronze headstones come with a granite base? 
All of our bronze headstones come with your choice from one of our 2 standard granite bases. Premium granite bases are available.  Call for price.

When will my headstone be delivered? 
From the time the order is placed, it will take approximately four to five (4-5) weeks to deliver a standard bronze headstone to the cemetery  Any orders with Cameo photos will add an additional 3 weeks estimated.